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Vicks Vaporub (25g) - Vicks Inhaler (Model: PGVC025)

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Key Features:

  • Contain 99.5% natural derived ingredients and FREE from paraben and sulfate to ensure your baby stays away from hazardous chemical ingredients
  • Effectively remove stubborn milk stains and leave no harmful residues after wash while being completely gentle and mild on your baby skin
  • Delicately formulated with plant-based surfactant especially for feeding bottles, pacifiers, fruit and vegetables.
RM 9.50

Key Features:
•Vicks Vaporub is a Medicine which provides symptomatic relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pain due to colds.
•For the temporary relief of colds, stuffy nose and Symptoms due to cold.
•For Nasal Congestion and Coughs.
•Use on chest and throat, temporarily relieves cough due •Have eucalyptus oil and camphor.

•For external use only.
•Avoid contact with eyes.
•Do not use in mouth or nostrils.
•Do not use directly on face or on broken or damaged skin.
•Do not heat in water, a vaporiser, a microwave oven, or on the stove.

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