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Similac Gain Kid Gold Step 4 (1.8kg)

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After years of scientific development, Similac® Gold with 2’-FL is finally here! A formulation that will enable your child to not only grow stronger but also build a good body defense system1.

  • 2’-FL is a unique prebiotic that nourishes your child’s body defense system as it feeds good bacteria in the gut, providing a healthy gut environment
  • 2’-FL is proven to nourish your child’s first line of defense system in the gut1 With a stronger body defense, your child is able to learn fearlessly and faster with Eye-Q® system which contains:
    • Unique Vegetable Oil Blend
    • Better DHA absorption
    • Lutein and Natural Vitamin E
    • Protects DHA from oxidation
    • Combination of Nutrients
    • Enables more brain cell connections Strong Kids Learn Faster.
    • Give your child the World’s First Formula with 2’-FL today! 
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