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Mimora Chlorine Free Pants Diapers (M/L/XL/XXL)-XL


- Up to 10 Hours Absorbency

- Double Leak Guards

- 360° Breath Freely

- Disinfected with UV Light

- Chlorine Free

- Dermatologically Tested

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We understand that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. That is why we are dedicated to creating baby products that make parenting simpler and more enjoyable. We believe that every parent deserves to provide the best for their little ones, without having to compromise on quality or affordability.



M = 6-10KG

L = 9-14KG

XL = 12-17KG

XXL = 13-25KG

Up to 10 Hours Absorbency

Effective absortions of up to 10 hours dryness to ensure baby stays dry and comfortable for longer periods.


Double Leak Guards

Advanced leak guards on the sides and back of the diaper.


360° Breath Freely

100% breathability to ensure baby's delicate skin stays dry and promoting ultimate comfortability.


Disinfected With UV Light

Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms with UV light.


Chlorine Free

Free of chlorine and any harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your baby's delicate skin.


Dermatologically Tested

 Safe for use on sensitive skin.



- Penyerapan Hingga 10 Jam

- Pengawal Kebocoran Berganda

- Pengaliran Udara 360°

- Ditapis dengan cahaya UV

- Bebas Klorin

- Diuji Secara Dermatologi


Penyerapan Hingga 10 Jam

Penyerapan yang berkesan dan kering sehingga 10 jam untuk memastikan bayi kekal kering dan selesa untuk tempoh yang lebih lama.


Pengawal Kebocoran Berganda

Pelindung kebocoran pada bahagian sisi dan belakang paha Pengaliran Udara 360 100% pengaliran udara memastikan kulit bayi yang sensitif kekal kering dan memberikan keselesaan yang terbaik.


Ditapis dengan cahaya UV

Menghapuskan bakteria, virus, dan mikroorganisma berbahaya lain dengan cahaya UV.


Bebas Klorin

Bebas daripada klorin dan bahan kimia yang mungkin berbahaya untuk kulit bayi yang sensitif.


Diuji Secara Dermatologi

Selamat digunakan pada kulit sensitif.

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