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Bubbles L9 Wearable Electric Breast Pump (BUB0026)

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Mother's choice for the perfect breast pump, lightweight, powerful and easy

to use breast pump. It fits in your bra with no cords, tubes, or dangling

bottles so you can pump wherever, whenever.


- It is ultra silent during pumping and you can easily pump beside a

sleeping baby. It has 3 modes which is massage mode, stimulation mode and

expression mode.


- Smart pumping allows the pump to start at massage mode and automatically

switched to expression mode after 2 minutes. It has 9 levels adjustable

settings and battery capacity to last 150 minutes (5 breast pumping



- The breastshield design is 28mm size, with funnel inserts of 21mm and

24mm included to suit any breast size easily.




Product Features


- Lightweight (320g)


- Bigger Touch Screen LED


- Ultra Silent Technology


- FDA Food Grade Material


- BPA Free


- 3 Expression Modes (Massage Mode, Stimulation Mode and Expression



- 9 Levels Adjustable


- Anti Backflow Design


- 150ml Capacity


- Powerful Suction 0-320mmHg


- Battery Capacity 1200mAh (150 minutes)- Dual power source - USB and

Adapter. Can be used with powerbank also.


- Supports 21mm, 24mm, 28mm size (Included in packaging)


- Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


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