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Baby Love Organic Bean Sprout Husk Pillow - Robot ET (Model: 4986)

RM 39.90
  • Parent has sleepless nights when their baby fusses and non-stop crying.
  • Babies are very sensitive to sudden movement, dazzling bright and noise.
  • The tradition of home-made “Pacifying Pillow” with ban or rice had proven it can effectively aid babies to sleep better.
  • Babylove continues the wise cultural inheritance with our innovated Baby Organic Pillow.
  • Baby Organic Pillow is 100% natural and eco friendly.
  • Instead of filling with beans or rice which will breed worms and attract the pest, Baby Organic Pillow is filled with anti-bacterial treated bean sprout husks, which are light-weight and porous.
  • The production is labor-intensive and time-consuming. After processing collection, filtration, sterilization, treatment and solar baking, the output is only less than 20%.
  • Product measurement: 14cm(W) x 33cm(L) x 0.5cm(H)
  • Product weight: approximately 0.3kg
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