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Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil 60ml

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'The Eucapro Eucalyptus Oil is a versatile product that can be use as an antiseptic, adhesive/chewing gum/stain and grease marks removal. Not only that, it can also be added into the washing machine while your doing the laundry to add the scent of Eucalyptus Oil on the clothing!


Features and Benefits

•  Cleans, freshens and deodorize naturally

•  Can be added to laundry wash to provide a clean fresh smell of the eucalyptus fragrance

•  Fresh, longer lasting fragrance

•  An excellent multipurpose cleaner

•  Can be used as an antiseptic: colds, flu, aches and pains

•  Great for removing stubborn stains, grease marks on clothing, carpet, sofa and soft toys, chewing gums, tar marks on cars, and adhesive labels

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