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Snow Brand Maternity Milk Powder (900g)

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RM 54.62

Enriched Nutrition for healthy Pregnancy and Lactation.

As your body needs more nutrients for the healthy growth of your baby, you feed yourself well during pregnancy and while nursing. But how much of the nutrients are really reaching your baby? Sphingolipids in new Megmilk Snow Brand Maternity Milk make all the difference in ensuring your baby benefits fully from the nutrients you consume.

Proven to help the body deliver nutrients effectively, Sphingolipids in Megmilk Snow Brand Maternity Milk help ensure your baby’s healthy physical growth while contributing to your baby’s optimum brain development, immune response and gut health.

Ideal for your pregnancy and breastfeeding duration, this highly nutritious formulation provides the additional nutritional support you need for a healthy pregnancy. It helps you stay in the best of health by ensuring good bowel movement and the maintenance of proper blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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